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why buy from us?

  • We are on your side.
    Verdicity offers independent advice tailored to your goals.

  • Everything works together.  
    Everything listed in our marketplace is certified to work together, so you can manage your whole building in a single pane of glass.

  • It all comes together.  
    One source, simplifying your sourcing and coordination (yeah, try that on your own)

  • Futureproof.
    You can connect whatever comes next through Verdicity's open source, standards-based platform.

how buy from us?

The process includes: 

  • Decide on your goals
    Our first solution paks are for helping reopen, safe and smart. Additional paks to help you meet other goals such as energy efficiency, remote management, & higher productivity coming soon.

  • Try stuff on
    here on the site --> get an estimate

  • Survey your building
    (DIY or we’ll help) to figure out what will fit.  (We will give you some tips or a checklist)

  • Contact Us to turn your estimate into a quote 
    Verdicity will confirm your solution and the best price.

  • Approve your purchase(s) & pay. (online coming soon)

what happens after buying?

  • Provisioning
    We will take of this before shipping, so it all works together when it gets there.

  • Shipping
    We will ship your solution to you or our installation team will bring it out.

  • Installation
    DIY or we can help.

  • Walk, then run. 
    After installation, use our online resources to operate everything DIY or ask us if you'd like someone to help.

  • Imagine what’s next
    Pick a new goal for making your building more valuable and go back to configure your next solution.


How long does this take?


How soon can I have smart stuff working in my building? 

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