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Save by identifying efficiency opportunities


Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit and manage your building(s)
to identify the best places to save on:

  • Energy

  • Space utilization

  • Total cost of ownership

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Where are my biggest problem spots?
What systems are working against each other?

A 2,500-room hotel and casino monitors and controls legacy HVAC and lighting systems together with state-of-the-art occupancy and indoor air quality sensors to continuously commission its operations, achieving and maintaining high energy performance.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit your buildings to identify and control energy inefficiencies across almost any system.  Unify existing equipment and control systems with new devices and sensors to create more powerful rules and capabilities that save you energy and money.



Where is space used inefficiently?

A state agency layered space occupancy information on top of energy and operational data to get a simple, but otherwise impossible to get, understanding of what spaces cost the most money per occupant.  It used the information to consolidate not just underutilized space, but to eliminate some of the most expensive to run spaces.  A double savings.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit your buildings to monitor and evaluate real-time space usage and reduce leasing and operational costs.

TRUMAN Blg savings graph.jpeg

Total Cost of Ownership

Can I see the full picture?


Can I bring costs down by seeing across all my operations?

The State of Missouri manages energy, maintenance, space, and capital renewals for 4,000 buildings and 38 million square feet using technology and processes created by our team. The unified building dashboard puts energy, operational, space and renewal information in front of central decision makers and front line building operators. Savings paid for the system in less than 21 months.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit your buildings to unify the most important performance indicators for your whole portfolio in one place, and start to realize savings you previously could not see.

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