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Generate income from assets you already own.


Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit and manage your buildings to turn facility assets into income generators through: 

  • (DR) Demand Response programs

  • (DER) Distributed Energy Resources and microgrid management

  • Energy and Energy Capacity Trading

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Demand Response

Can we get money for Demand Response (DR)?


How can we get the maximum?

At AO Smith, technology available from Verdicity is in place to monitor and control -- in real-time -- the operation of legacy and new hot water heaters. By quickly retrofitting both equipment already installed and new units with the same two-way data connectors, their hot water heater customers can now monitor and control one of their building's biggest energy uses.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit your buildings to connect loads as small as a single plug or hot water heater, to as large as a cooling tower or your whole building control system, to get maximum value from your utility's Demand Response Program.


Distributed Energy Resources

Can we do a microgrid?
How can we maximize the value of energy generated and stored on site?

In Hawaii, the state uses power from wind turbines spinning at night to make ice that cools their cooling loop during the day, avoiding the need to run chillers, and cooling their buildings for nearly free.

Whether you have a single wind turbine, solar panel, or battery or a full microgrid, use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit  your buildings to balance multiple on-site energy generation and storage sources, avoid peak demand charges and reduce your energy costs.


Energy & Capacity Trading

How do we trade energy?


How do we trade energy capacity?

Micro energy trading is proving itself in early-stage examples with utilities and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit your buildings to enable visibility into spare capacity, a way to opt-in to trades, and validation that usage has been curtailed -- all in real time. Feel secure that your energy trades are locked down using block chain for recording ledgers and Dept of Energy-developed VOLTTRON for executing device-level commands. 

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