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Every question is important.  If you have a question not listed here, please Contact Us.​

Answers posted soon.

  • What is different about verdicity’s smart building platform?

  • What does ‘smart building’ mean, anyway?

  • I already have ________.  Does this work with what I have now?

  • How do we know what will fit my building(s)?

  • What do we have to do?

  • What does ‘futureproof’ really mean?

  • Do you offer a ‘turnkey’ solution?

  • What is ‘provisioning’?

  • Can I have my own staff or vendors install stuff?

  • Do you offer installation?  Who are your installers?

  • Can someone come survey my building(s) to help scope what is possible?

  • Do you offer consulting or design services?

  • Can we whiteboard together?

  • Can I browse all the products and services you offer, and pick my own solution?

  • Why buy from verdicity when I can google all this stuff and search for better prices?

  • Is there a guarantee?

  • Can I buy with no money up front?  Do you offer financing?

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