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Use real-time, performance-based data to maintain optimal value

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit and manage your building(s) and enable:

  • Right-place, right-time maintenance

  • Just-in-time services

  • Just-in-time capital renewals





Can we reduce our reactive maintenance?  Will more proactive maintenance save us money? 

Like many building owners, the facilities department at a research university knew they were spending too much of their facilities maintenance field time patching holes and putting out fires.  By informing their work order ticket system with real-time equipment performance data, they were able to shift more resources to preventative maintenance, reducing their stress and improving the condition of their buildings.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit your buildings to measure and compare the effectiveness of facilities operations, and know better how to best deploy your resources.


Just-in-time Services

Can my smart building let me (and my services teams) know what it needs? 
When it needs it?

The City of Kansas City deploys daily and long term maintenance resources based on real-time data from systems designed and deployed by our team.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit 

your buildings to use real-time data to automatically inform service requests, whether to internal or external teams.  Do it now and your building will be ready for the game-changing 'uber-style' marketplace for facilities services.

Electrical Inspectors


Capital Renewals

To stretch our budgets, can we base renewals on actual performance instead of recommended lifetime?

The State of Missouri uses real-time performance data to focus renewals where they are most needed and reduced capital deficiencies in targeted systems by 20% in 3 budget cycles.

Use Verdicity to figure out how to outfit 

your buildings to monitor performance, justify capital budget requests, and prioritize scarce capital dollars to where they are most needed.

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