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= Freedom

= Confidence 

= Smart

Ensure you are doing everything to inspire your team, tenants and customers to return to a safe environment, with confidence. We help our partners connect key parts of their building(s), now and for the future, by using an open source smart building platform that allows you to monitor and manage key indicators that things are going according to plan, so everyone can feel Safe. Smart. Open.

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COVID-19 interrupted everything.  
But now, as you work towards a return to the workplace, you can rethink what’s important and what’s possible.  And you can be smart about it.

To help, Verdicity has launched –– the place to get all the partnerships, resources, information, and supplies to reopen your business safely, and stay open.

Open the smart way

why Open is important

Having an Open Building is very valuable, to you, to your tenants/customers, to your service providers.  Open means:

  • Freedom 
    You can operate your business (again!) and you can do what you want to do, without being locked in to contracts that don’t have your ongoing interest at heart.

  • Unified 
    Stuff works and can be seen together.  Not a million different silos, apps, or places to go.

  • Simple 
    Open doesn’t feel complicated because things are where they’re expected to be.

  • Accessible
    Information I want is at my fingertips, as an owner, operator, occupant or service provider.

  • More valuable 
    Open unlocks higher value for our buildings.  As occupants, we feel more attached to places that anticipate and meet our needs.  As operators and suppliers, we can deliver a wider variery of services more efficiently.  As owners, this adds up to buildings that are worth more.

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what Open means to us

Being open is not just what we help our customers achieve, it’s fundamental to how we help them do it.  Being open is a philosophy that we believe in, which translates to value for our customers as:


For a very long time, technology for buildings has been built behind very high walls.  That made things either really hard to expand and include something that’s new, or really expensive (or both!).  Our building operating system is based on Volttron, developed by the U.S. Dept of Energy National Labs and available as open source code.  By definition, it’s open.  And all the solutions we offer can interact with this common playing field, and by extension, with each other.


Open means choice.  

If pieces are interoperable, then they are also swappable.  So, while service agreements are important to help spread up-front investment costs over time, when it comes time to add or renew things, you have the freedom to choose the best solution then available to you. 

easy to get

Open for business means you can browse what’s for sale, readily see costs and weigh the benefits, and quickly get what you need up and running

privacy & security

Having an Open Building doesn’t mean you can’t lock your doors. You own what’s in your building and your data, and you decide with whom to share it.  


All of the solutions presented by us comply with our privacy policy that puts you in charge.  


And our solutions are secure, on premises and in the cloud, keeping your buildings and your data from unwanted visitors.  

brand your building as


Let your customers, tenants, employees and community know that you care about their safety by sharing the steps you are taking to have a safe building with:

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  • Yes, We Are Open signs
    A ‘Yes, We Are Open’ sign on your front door says a lot more than yes, you are open.  With a QR code linked to your real time safety measures and performance, it shows everyone who comes in or drives by that you are invested in the well being of those who enter your building.  We will ship you free signs with your order.

  • Digital signage
    Let your employees, tenants, customers, vendors and visitors see for themselves how safe and smart your building is, supported by real time data.

  • Occupant App (coming soon)
    Digital communication about the safety and smartness of your building, from their pockets. 

  • Social media:   share you are open at #yesweareopen

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